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Black Panther review | Action and story at the right place

Black Panther review | Action and story at the right place
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Action and story at the right time and right place. Timeline of the movie was so good and we felt why he is the Black Panther what makes him the black panther.

Storyline brief:
A king in the search of safety and security to his land forgets that there are past problems left in the dark and needs to be handled and this is kings duty that sharing the knowledge is better than holding the Vibranium from the world and its people.

It starts with his father wearing the black panther suite and it shows a lot of scenes and it is actually the story of the movie. Very nicely these calm people handle the scenes and then the real black panther comes and he shows his love for his girlfriend by saving her from the group of terrorists.

There is a special bond between her and black panther which we really enjoyed. There is very small but very special cameo of the oldy goldie you know his name and I am not gonna talk it here. It was good.

Also, the villain of the movie is very young stunning and shows a lot of anger at the right place. The action of the movie is so good when car chase is occurring for the villain 2 of the movie. Car chase felt so alive for me in the 4DX theater and the experience of being at the same airspeed as black panther was ravishing. Water effect when a plane was traveling from the middle of waterfalls is good too. Special effects and action of the movie were very good and peaceful and thrilling dialogues just bring tears to your eyes and bring so much trust in a personality of that image.

Black Panther also offers the help to humans at the end which is so generous of him and he finally understands that being one of us is better than being a private security place that is safe.

Good outcomes and outputs come from this story and this will make us look forward to the Avengers Infinity war this April. Black Panther is the last movie before Avengers is making a lot of chaos and everyone's favorite marvel hero list is changing after watching the movie.

No doubt many will say that after Iron Man I like Black Panther. There is so much love build up for the character and we love it.

Yes, definitely you should watch the movie and should watch it in IMAX 4DX.
Enjoy it with a heart empty and mind full of trust in the Black Panther.

And I am sure you will enjoy the movie until the end.

Waiting for Infinity war
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