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2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift is launched in India at 4.99 Lakh

new swift price and features
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New siwft comes with a new creamed edges look that make you feel a little royal on the edges. But I am sure according to the photos shown siwft like car could be a total turndown and might not be sold in markets perfectly.

A normal swift of petrol some years ago cost 7.50 Lakhs and now its new version is for 4.99 Lakhs.
It really wonders me cars of budget going low so everybody is gonna buy a car now

so here are the specifications of the car:

Fuel: D/P
Mileage: 22/28 Kmpl
Engine: 1248cc
Transmission: Manual/ Automatic
Seating capacity: 5
Fuel capacity: 38 Liters
Airbags: Both front seats

As a budget car it is dont expect a lot of things from this car.

Why you should have a car?
U have a family that does outings. U have friends who loved going out. U have children.
U need safety precautions ur responsibilities tells u that.

U have enough money. Then u should have one these sweet red babies.

So are you buying yourself one swift?

Tech Modern Guy

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new swift 2018

new swift features

new swift price

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