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Love burns in fire while someones love stays heartbroken! Sanjay's Obsession with shredded love stories

Sanjay leela bhansali news
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So he makes lovers feel that if they fight for their love they will die in so much pain!

He makes lovers scare and even try telling their parents about their love.
Meet the legend that is trying to scare the youth of India with his shredded painful love stories.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

I know Devdas is a really great film. But it can also be a bad inspiration to other people and many may take it seriously. Problems of the life washed away by alcohol kind of story. 
I am very sure Sanjay is proud of Devdas but even both SRK and him are worrying about its content deep down inside. 

His recent movies shows how love is broken by the society and its people. How they will never understand the meaning of love and only do cast marriages. 

Well situations have clearly not changed but we should not show people that they are not changed we should show that yes they can be changed. 

Pain in love is easy to get that if a normal 18 year old guy from india watches the movie he might run into tears and he might believe that he may never get the love of his life because of stronger society. 
Sanjay always tries to insult society of India and people of India in his movies. He tells and proves how people of India are stubborn to love and they wont approve it for Youth. 

Insult of Sanjay should show positive results in the people but instead it is making society stronger. 


nO injurY iS deepeR thN insulT

Society will take this insult and be more strict to things. 

I hope Sanjay makes a movie that shows lovers fighing to society and changing their mindsets about love. 

Well there is one thing we all cannot change about anyone

Their Thinking! 

All the best SLB for getting this article and have more faith in humanity. 

Tech Modern Guy

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sanjay leela bhansali news

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