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kudi da pata karo kide pind diya kide shehar diya! ise sunana stop nahi kar pate! Guru Rocks!

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Power of Guru Randhawa Lyrics lies in the lands of Punjab and music schools of London.
While he writes with a desi rich heart he shows his true talent and shows how much passionate he is in his career in every song.

We just wonder how much more tunes he has in his mind and when they all will come out.

Many see him as a legend now but it is still limited to some people and some audience. Which makes him one type of songs guy. That is a limitation of his superpowers.

Seeing him in songs in cars and crazy gadgets shows that he wants to show off a lot to show someones down. With a lot glitter and glamour sometimes they take out the emotions of the songs too.

Other wise this star is from India and coming from Punjab with very high speed.
So hold on to his songs as long as u can.
He is spreading love with sad songs and happiness with a lot of other songs. So be there to take it and love him as much as you can.

Guru Rocks. Hope he makes better and better songs each day.

Tech Modern Guy.
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