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Devlin Why he became star and why he is now boring to listen

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Many cannot stand the stardom as longer as they get it! 

So our boy here became star by singing runaway, brainwash these are still not available in HD quality to watch. Then next of his songs included so much hate about society but no rhythm and good lyrics.

So now his songs get 5 lacs views like in 8-9 months.

How can someone drops this low upon reaching heights? Beats me!

His old songs are still good to here. I believe this guy has lost his focus in life and rapping. I believe he needs to know more about life and people so that he could write more and more in depth emotion to the hiphop.

His all new songs are having same beats this kills me to hear them as I am his fan I expect more from him.
I truly believe that he has a blockbuster album ready in his mind but he dont know it yet and he needs to get there yet.

Best wishes to Devlin on his future Rapping career.
I hope u get bad and bad and become a gangster to feel the life and put it into rapping.
All Devlin songs will be here:
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