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What you are missing in your life ?

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Somethings missing
what is it u feel it .. u see it in ur dreams .. u ignore it .. and u move on with regret but everyday u keep living the life with something is mising.

What u r missing is this walk with no expectations, no lies, no worries..
Problems will come and go.. people will come and go .. ur loved ones might not love u back..
But u have to keep walking ..
and keep walking..

Depression begins the day u miss something. U give up ur smile the day u break ur heart. Then u only smile at occasions.

What this life holds for u is far more out of reach and if you dont keep walking .. and if u let depression consume ur mind and life .. then u might miss what life holds for u..

I wish u have all the strength to keep walking .. keep trying even when u see some failures..

so my dear friends ..

Keep Walking

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