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Silly Logic of Job

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Logic many simple things in life are away from from logic

What we do is without logic but by rule by need by availability by comfort zone 

So it’s time 
We go over 

Logic of job

  1. Boom! U go to job just bcz u want have benefits of health insurance pension pf and active salary. U actually hate ur job ur company but u still go bcz of this. 
  2. U like playing something but u hide ur passion of music singing video editing or making movies and u bury them under ur bed plus in ur heart u have no value for urself as u don’t hv any for ur passion.
  3. U afraid to leave job and become immediate joiner bcz u think job market is going very bad I might never get job.
  4. U tell other people that ur job sucks and they should leave the job. 
  5. U always plan over leaving job by coming into business but this never happens.
  6. U continue to do job till the end and believe that company is now Good after u come from a foreign trip.
  7. U lie to ur lead by sms that u r sick and cannot come to Office 20-30 times a year.
  8. U never save enough money to buy ur home car bike and when u do u forgot home was the priority.
  9. Everyday frustrates u more n more but u still wait for bonus counting each day left for it.
  10. Like a stone broker worker in the industrial field u break more stones in overtime and earn more money. 

So the thing is u do job for the active pay while u make sure ur dreams and passion dies along the way. We humans we are so smart ! 

Hope u get the message from this
Tech Modern Guy
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