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Silly Logic of Android Users

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Android vs every other Os its a never ending war
but yes there is no doubt apple is better and that is why it is available at high cost.

So its time
We go over

Silly Logic of Android users

  1. Ur Android phone will have higher RAM bcz in low RAM apps dont work. Extra RAM also produce big heat but thats fine!
  2. Full featured android phone comes in 70$ but u cannot have the best of android until u buy a phone worth 500$ of android.Thats fine too
  3. U say u love android but actually u love MIUI which is an app running on main OS. U think that this is android. Ok u learn now
  4. When wanted to take photos at occasions u will tell ur friends to pull out an apple instead of android because u know ur phone dont have a good camera.
  5. Out of money and desperation of good features u will still buy 500$ one plus. PS It is still android of 70$. 
  6. Play store will give load of crap apps everyday but u will still use all those top free and enjoy your country freedom. 
  7. Tired of the normal UI of android but u will still update UI using different apps that take out ur battery and have sex with it. 
  8. U are using Duel sim phone that makes you the smartest person in the world.
  9. U only watch videos on ur phone and want to tell the world that ur budget phone battery works so nice after having charged ur phone to 100% in 3-4 hours.
  10. Because of desperation of new features ur android phone is given to DAD then MOM while u buy new one because u know there is no value for old android phone. In the end you end up having many android phones. 
So world thinks that android is better but at higher cost it is better. Just like apple :) 
In the end all u spend on android is equal to apple phone price. 

PS I dont need a better camera I just need phone. 
PPS end up buying android. :D 

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