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Logic of Tiger Zinda Hai

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This is Power of Nil

This is movie is delight to watch in theaters if u have settled a deal with ur mindset when action scenes comes.

So its time

We go over the logic of Tiger Zinda Hai. 

  1. If I Shoot with a big gun like Arnold nobody can shoot me. Their will be men covering me from the shoot but still no bullet will touch me. Instead of me my over hidden cover will die. 
  2. If I cut the footage completely and show it at the end scene instead I am a Smart director and nobody will point a finger at me. 
  3. Zoya was so best that she was hunted and chosen for the job. Still she gets found by the villain of this movie and beaten up. And this was the girl Pakistan hunted. Ya Logic! MFs 
  4. Paresh Rawal is funny showing him in the scene with a total bad and boring confusion with a twist of him being Indian police. This just proves Paresh Rawal was a bad idea for this movie and total waste of role lines time.  
  5. With a no serviced car that looks like total shit u can jump 10feet high in the ground and land without a scratch. 
  6. Hey bro agar tu mereko bolega ki tu chill mar to me ghode pe chadhake jo bike se dushman aa rahe he wo marunga aur unake upar jump karake jaunga. 
  7. Steep scene with skate and wolves graphics is bad and we dont want to work on it because we dont want to look like hollywood. 
  8. Villain has lots of time to talk with nurse , with men arrived from the factory, with his soulmates soldiers, with everyone. he is very social. 
  9. Villain is a US threatened broken hearted guy but no body gives a shit about him. 
  10. Only one girl plans to go out of the hospital but the other one watching does not have any code to tell that men are coming to the car hide faster. 
  11. If I am out of bullets or saying apana khayal rakhana I will play a sad music to tell that this movie is about love not war not bullets not violence. 
  12. We will end the jounry with a bus hanging both flags of pakistan and india. It is shown that they were looking at the flag and saluting but from inside the bus the flag was not visible. still I can salute and look like a dumb person. 
  13. When item song swag swagat or dil diyan gallan appears my son will dissappear and will never come again near me.

So this is the funny logic of Tiger zinda hai. 
I hope you love this review of me telling u logic of Tiger Zinda hai film. 
There was no logic :D 

So have fun n stay tuned to Power of Nil and this blog 

Tech modern Guy

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