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Silly Logic of New Year Parties

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World has new year and this happens every year !
Really frustrating why there cant be just a year why it is new year?

Its time

We go over Logic of New Year

  1. U should spend last day of the year partying somewhere drinking dancing with girls friends and waste a lot of money and start the first day of ur next year in hangover. 
  2. U must be alive and not so much drunk and very very important that u should not miss the countdown that 7nth std fail DJ will do. 
  3. You should all shout at 12:00am of next year bcz everybody does it. But Actually it means nothing. It is just a group of people shouting at the 12:00am
  4. Next day friends will call u and tell u how much good time they had while they drink water and crosine and limbu pani and some omit till the next days evening. 
  5. You will recieve Happy new year message from the people who are so far away from u or they dont even care if u r dead or not. but they will send u a happy new year bcz its next year coming. 
  6. U make new year resolution and fail at it everytime every day.

So this is the logic of New Year

Happy new Year guys and have fun and take a ola home. 
Love u all 

Tech Modern Guy

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