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Logic of Girls about relationship

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Logic and girls yes.. lets talk about logic that girls have about relationship.
This is serious not funny and its going to be

So its time
we go thru

Logic of girls about relationships

  1. Friend zoned guy should never propose and ask for keeping promises. Its okay to ignore him for some hangouts she do. 
  2. Its okay to talk and be friends after breakup. 
  3. Its okay to breakup by telling its his fault just because she does not have the guts to tell her father that she loves someone. 
  4. Its okay to have friend zoned guy more close to ur thoughts than her actual boyfriend. 
  5. Its okay to break relationship on small reasons or her assumptions.
  6. Its okay to ping your ex on her happy sad alone occasions and disturb him. she is not wrong just alone bored and wants to disturb ex. 
  7. Its okay to just keep talking a lot about nothing all night and all day with boyfriend. But when they are together they argue about small things and stay unsatisfied. 
  8. Breakup must be done on some social whatsapp chat or call where ur boyfriend cant explain the point of his side. she will just say her part why she is breaking up and block u without reading ur part. she must feel secure no matter what. 
  9. Its okay to make assumption that I[ex] was so alone and that why I missed her n want her back. 
  10. Its okay to stay away unmarried all life but not stay close and unmarried all life. 
  11. Its okay to marry the guy that her dad likes instead of a guy she loves. She eventually learns to love to the guy that dad likes. bcz family is important than her bf. 
  12. Actually they were classmates and there was no struggle involved in their love story. Still she thinks her boyfriend is her soulmate.
  13. For her its okay to hide all her problems and never tell her boyfriend but to tell by whatsapp on one day some random time at night. 

So this is a logic they have pretty good right. M sure one what guys have is different. But ya in guys there are types normal guys and player guys. 

I will hide my self out ladies.

Please it was nothing but the truth. 

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Logic of girls about relationship

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