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Funny Logic of New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions is something we have invented to start a new life with new year and that includes something inspirational to complete..

Its time
we go thru

The funny logic behind New Year Resolutions

  1. We Should start doing the new year resolution tasks only from 1 January. 
  2. The task that u choose for ur new year resolution is ur most important task and it is something that might change ur life for the better.
  3. Mostly people only make one task their new year resolution. One task only! 
  4. Fat loss is chosen by many people for NYR.
  5. Resolution of ur main problem is New Year resolution. 
  6. You tell everyone about ur new year resolution to show that u have one and u r so cool. 
  7. If u have made new year resolution then u should ask every other people around u for their new year resolution. 
  8. Smokers must say that they will quit in new year from 1st January while they will still pull one out in occasions and later everyday. 
  9. U r so committed to consistency of showing off ur new year resolution but not actually doing ur NYR and thats okay. 
  10. Usually after a year of u setting NYR u stop making NYR for next years and also stop asking NYR and know that this is all bullshit and you dont need it anymore. 

So what is your New Year Resolution.

Let me know in the comments.

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