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Why Allu Arjun is the best dancer among all South Indian heroes?

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Allu Arjun
bunny, Arya these are his best characters and the ones that everyone knows.

His dancing was first showcased in the Arya 2. In songs My love is gone we saw a Dancer dancing in pain.
We loved all  his roles till now.

Dancing while his legs break was seen in the song My love is gone !

While act innocent and to the point guy in the movies We see that his dance moves shows the young and active Allu.
While making masala movie Allu looks the perfect guy with looks and his comedy timing.

As we are not short of his awesome videos
Here is one more of his legacy !

Well he is perfect. Not all other south indian heroes prefer dancing and prefer the leg breaking moves.

Allu is here for making that change and his dance moves thrills people worldwide!

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Allu arjun

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