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Landslide brings up questions and ways to be safe in car

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Landslide in Uttarakhand Bring us new questions and possibilities to be safe under landslide situations

You're looking at injuries three types of injuries.

  1. Due to stone getting on cars 
  2. Due to total air block because of soil and stones on top 
  3. Due to cars not able to handle force of stones rolling from sideways. Car is landing on the roof.
These injuries can be saved with some changes in car.

Roof and glass as strong as stones can be given.
Oxygen cylinders in the cars in case of total air block.
Sideways force punches from stones handled in a way that cars does not leave the touch of ground.
This can be achieved with some changes in weight management of the car.

Uttarakhand landslide happened brings us new ways to make journey safe.
With these changes in car We can be safe in our journeys.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments.

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Landslide in Uttarakhand

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