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Directed by Christopher Nolan 

Nolan movies are not according to cast or someones stardom. While they focus on characters, situations and their understanding it becomes an ultimate experience for the audience. 

Having handled the space situations in interstellar and some big characters feelings in Batman vs Superman, Nolan is back with situation based movie which is DUNKIRK. 

When you look at trailer it could look very unrelated stuff but I am sure you will get the taste of the story when you watch it in theaters. I felt the need of going to home of those people and loved the thrill offering shots in water.

FYI this evacuation of the people happened real and it is a real story. 
Dont believe me read this.
With this serious subject I see that Nolan is bringing us the tear jerker and gonna make us realize again what makes us human.

Enjoy the trailer and movie when it releases. 
The initial release date is 21 July 2017

Let me know what you think of this trailer in the comments. 
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Dunkirk movie review


Dunkirk trailer review


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