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Behen hogi Teri Trailer review | Bullshit love storys are back again

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Behen hogi Teri Trailer review

At the starting 5 seconds of the trailer .. Shruti was forcing rajkumar and it looked like she was pulling rajkumar in this movie as she is still finding her way to be more famous :p

While it looks good in humour, couldnt stop thinking that it is same as some of the movies that come last year and this year.

Like other love stories such as hamariadhurikahani and Ashiqui 2, one can tell that its only about humour and not the pain that exists in love. That could have worked more better.

Again rajkumar brings us comedy and I see that whole trailer was boring and including the expression less bubly happy go lucky girl kind Shruti[By her interviews she appears to be very serious girl in real life].

 Again a fail case ! and waste of time with old song mashup ..

Sad ! :(

If you have some thing better to watch please post below ! 
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Behen hogi teri

Behen hogi teri review

Behen hogi Teri Trailer

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