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10 Things Indians should Change !!

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Being a person that works in a private company!
Forget the feeling that our country is not the best. That feeling that our country have lost its battle to every field
Instead of thinking that think that u must do something for ur country And join government for change.

The best web developer of our country!
Where do u think he/she is working right now ?
I am 100% sure that he/she is not working for government!

Not wait for change, be the change
Become the person that all the poor people can look into. Be their leader and lead them to work and food. U wanted to be a king ? It's very easy to be a king ! Lead them to a good life and control them ..

We have mothers who keep their son of 2 months old thirsty and dirty! So that when they beg people give more money !

Give them the help and lead them to a the path where they can contribute to the growth of India and complete their dreams.

Always beileve that you need to help your country and support every talent or progress it makes. Love your people first .. 

Stop believing in fraudsters that gives prawachan with fake claps sounds Music and in gods name keep saying bullshit things.
Stop following the religious people who take u to obsession to god and nothing else for there own profit.

Don't let ur fear convert into obsession of god !
Always remember that ..
We are stronger than our fears !

Stop spending endless amounts of money or even 1 rupee to temples, travels to temples , donations to temples.
Instead of that donate to educational organisations and make education till degree free of cost for the needy one.

What u need to believe is that ..
there is nothing in praying ..
There is everything in helping the needy people ..
The most important part that needs more donation is education!
So try to make education important for poor people and help them in making their kids educated.

If not getting chance in government. Opt for business of ur own and start ur own business. Small or big any size .. start and if failed start again. One day u will be successful.

Follow ur dreams . If want to be a scientist don't get stuck working for IT companies.
If ur dream is to be a flute player don't become IT guy some where and get stuck.
Always grow in your talent and support ur talent.

Don't waste time. Time is very important thing in life. If u invest that every minute u have into doing what u need to do then u will succeed for sure. Plan what u have to do and keep urself busy in ur work. Don't waste time into anything else.
The things u do make sure u give 100%focus.

If ur friends call for a movie or something.. u should say no if u r working for ur dreams!

Try to say no to all unnecessary things ..
While u create the most necessary success in ur life.

Be healthy.
This body is not urs it's give to u by god. And u have to take care of it. Keep it clean n healthy. That's the first job u must do.

If u r having obesity. Do exercises and yoga. Make sure u stay healthy. This will help u stay focused and active in the growth of India.

Start Farming
Be a farmer. All u guys trying to test or develop and trying to excel in ur field. If u have tried farming u would have been successful and very much rich by now. U get package of 3-8lacs and mostly for to go till 8lacs -10lacs u waste 5years of ur time. This revenue can be achieved with 50acres of land in 2-3 years only. Buying farming land and starting to farm is what I will recommend if u think u need a start startup.
God has already given us what we all need and that's Trees,plants.

If u like this post and feel the same way as me about the points I mentioned I have one request to u . 
Plant one tree today anywhere u can. 

Thanks for listening to my thoughts. 
Stay tuned. 
Power of Nil 

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10 things Indians should change


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