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Why Maharashtra is the richest state in India | Happy Maharashtra Day

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Its people ..

People give a lot of hard work here from all over India.
From all India for job Maharashtra is preferred.

Digitally the companies and industries have settled their companies here and have provided countless number of jobs to people of maharashtra.
Sugar factories and IT companies of other countries origin have made success with

With all the politics on the other side. I see that the young people in the cities are trying to make money and trying to do business with their new thoughts.

What matters in the end ..

I always see that people from Maharashtra earn anywhere and come back to its state to make sure they take care of things here and they start new here.

Love the state, the soil , the sugar factories , the marathipana, the Solkadi , the railways , the chitale bakarwadi and the hearts of this state Pune !

Maharashtra dinachya Hardik shubhechha !
Happy Maharashtra day!

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