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Two types: Photo mode with great graphics and photo mode with bad graphics!

Some three-dimensional games include a photo mode to enable its players to fine-tune the screenshots they take of it.
Textures and many assets of the game take a lot  of time to polish and in the end when the product is about to publish it is observed that the polishing differs from device to device and graphics takes a lot of time to come to 30FPS including its motion blur, damage, dirt on vehicle, vehicle sunlight reflecting and all kinds of rendering.

With this considered now, games are having photo mode and some YouTubers are just taking the benefit of the photo mode to entertain the users with special videos. All those videos do get appreciated by some audience but not that much.

What is photo mode?
Photo mode is where the game developers were used to control the game's angles and graphics quality and in this way they used to just travel in the game using special positions on the assets code's.
This feature's videos were always very much enjoyed when dev showcased it in the trailers. But now due to some strategies this feature is now in the hands of the gamers to enjoy and create fun.

God of war 2018 is considered the best photo mode game!
This is one example of photo mode with great graphics. There are many examples of photo mode with bad graphics and it is really a good deed if I dont name them here. but I am sure in the comments of this post you will be able to comment the bad photo mode games.

Now to the point!
What to do with photo mode and how much longer it will continue?
This feature is gonna take a lot of time wasting because many developers are going to be invested in this but actually photo mode is going to be a feature just twerked by the YouTubers and not actual gamers.
An actual gamer may not enjoy such angles and showcasing his/her gameplay to anyone. the actual gamer is dying. Many people are playing because of earning money from games.

A good photo mode game is the game which lets you scroll around the scene, control your aperture and depth of field, add filters, adjust exposure, add borders, and even tweak your characters' facial expressions.
So currently there are not many games for this. But God of war and Watch dogs 2 are some of the best games for photo mode.

If photo mode is there in the game then a focus is given to that feature and it might hamper your gameplay too. So buy games without photo mode in it a suggestion but if you want photo mode then make sure you review the photo mode somewhere on console and then only buy the game.

The most hurtful feeling is waste of money on games that are not worth it!
Hence this article!

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Scared from PUBG Steam Announces Counter Strike is now Free to play Forever!

19 Years ago Steams Counter-Strike launched and now its latest version is made free to play.
Steam the biggest baddest gaming network that no one can fall has announced that CS:GO is now free!!! This makes some gamers angry now as they have purchased the game that is now FREE.

But this is still a relief for many as CS:GO is there favorite and they need to play but do not want to purchase it. TF2 is again the steam game that is played by many. Now TF2 will have a competition due to CS:GO being FREE.

New players are now heading over to this awesome game and will be starting their journey to win over the items and cards plus the crates. For the Free member of the community will surely get fewer drops and weapons than the actual purchased people.

So what's new for CSGO?
PRIME Status upgrade

With this player with Prime Status are matched with other Prime Status players and are eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

So with this, there will be a lot of difference than free players and PRIME players. So people who have purchased the game do not get any privilege in the game and it will be now free to play game that will consider the purchased people as Free members.

So with prime, the matchmaking will be made with prime people and the competitive match might become prime vs free members. Well, this will be awesome to watch ain't it?

This game has the most active players count and no other game is able to reach this milestone they have created. But when PUBG arrived everything changed. 

PUBG currently has the most active players and none can match its level due to being mobile and PC combined.
Its game design has made addiction to many and people are stuck being in that world searching for items and achieving its high status.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

This game has made a trend and fearing to this games activity the steam's decision sounds right and they have made this announcement. Steam must have observed the CS:GO players leaving and transitioning to PUBG for fun. This must have been hard to watch and now that PUBG is successful steam is trying to take away the trend to them with this news.

CS:GO active players decreased to low levels from the days PUBG became a trend.

It will be great to see what PUBG will do next and becomes worlds best game for Massive Multiplayer.
So if you love CSGO head over to steam and join with the world with a Gun.

Stay tuned for more.

Microsoft is afraid of Apple due to upcoming low priced MACBOOK for everyone

iPad from the moment it is launched it is showing games and painting related apps plus drawing related apps. When it arrived many devs only created games on it for kids. 

I have gone to many retail stores and I have seen that kids go to iPad and play catch fish in the pond game. Even cats also play the same thing in it. This is clearly a mistake Apple did. 
how ? read this! 
Apple wanted to give customers a bigger screen but for what? They actually wanted to make a big screen so that it eventually replaces books, photo albums. But they did not focus in that direction. They added a lot of things in it which made it unstable and confusing tech. The apps were there for the iPad which could help draw but why would Civil industry get to iPad for creating building and structures again it had a pen to draw but why would painters draw on iPad or even game developers draw textures on iPad. 

We have bigger software and systems than iPad to draw and create. 

So clearly this was only purchased by people who are interested in entertainment on a big screen and some normal use daily on iPad. 

So in some recent tweets and ads provided for the upcoming Christmas sales MS have given intentions that iPad is for kids and it is kids toy! 

MS is right and yes they must be having a bigger analysis to support that. Ever since iPad has arrived it is kids favorite because it becomes kids personal TV that they can control and play. 

Hence this 2019 forward Tech industry believes Apple will not be creating iPad's anymore but will be focusing on the MacOS and Mac price to get down. Currently, Mac PC price is very high for everyone in the world and this is a big problem that Apple should take care in the coming future. 

It is apples big decision and a decision that is taking them to loss that Mac PC needs to be higher priced. Instead of iPAD, MAC PC will be a surely bigger and better idea for everyone. 

Because MAC has following features, 

  1. Greater processing speed.
  2. Support many good software.
  3. Itunes apps are gold for this one. 
  4. Video editing is superb
  5. RAM handling is superb.
  6. Software feel awesome on it due to no lag. 
  7. iOS powered so software available for it have higher quality. 
  8. Creativity rises with just owning such high powered device 
  9. Many business people have MACOS laptops due to greate power management of the battery. 
  10. Secure! nothing can hack you! no website can get a cookie to your computer. 

MS is afraid that if MACBOOK comes for a lower price then windows will have the biggest fall in the tech industry because Game developers video editors and Civil industry all will fall into MACBOOK. 

Plus MS has already lost the Video editing industry as currently Hollywood movies and almost all movies are processed on software on MACOS for better speed of processing speed. The actual movies processing is high and windows PC will die in a second for files of 2000GB's.

Get more Tech news and extreme entertainment source only here on the NEXTGEN2020! 

Thanks for everyone from Google Plus to be here and check this out. 
Thanks for every follower reading this. 


Wiz Phone for 7$ by Google

The WizPhone WP006 runs KaiOS like the JioPhone and JioPhone 2The Google feature phone also supports WhatsAppThe WizPhone WP006 has been priced at IDR 99,000 (approx Rs 490)[7$]

This is not exactly by Google but sponsored by Google and Wizphone is actually an Indonesian Tech Giant. In more news, it has been said to be a competitor of JIO phone 2 but I don't see why Google would care about JIO clearly Jio is a lot smaller market and this phone is made for the world, not just India. 

In India, we have Jio network plus its phones. Jio network is very bad and except voice calls, I don't see any good in using it. it gives free movies to watch and free in a lot of departments digitally but all is waste as according to range the speed varies and speed is always 300 kb/ps. 

Wizphone is a budget phone and to make it interesting the KaiOS is featured to have WhatsApp in it. I hope it works properly on this phone because of WhatsApp actually needs a lot of space and this phone is not going to have that much space. Working of Whatsapp may be limited and this will be the new KaiOS version that WhatsApp must be connecting to Google services. 

Google services API must be provided in KaiOS in order to work the Whatsapp. But it is rumored that it could be a standalone application which might never have an update. 

One more thought that comes to mind that this will be a 4g phone? 3G internet is not cheap and 2g is out of the question! so will this phone be able to get good internet connection. This is rumored to not have the WIFI. But yes this is rumored to have 4G. But how can anyone purchase 4G services and use it in this small phone! 

A lot of questions comes to mind about this one but this is clearly something which is necessary and will be used by everyone as we need extra phone for many things. 

Are you ready for the budget phone from Google! 

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Avengers 4 Trailer: Thanos have killed 50% of living creatures

Avengers 4 trailer is here. From the moment Thanos sent Loki to earth avengers have been busy in taking out enemies of the earth. Now they have entered a different world and Thanos is now an enemy of the Universe. Avengers are going to save the entire Universe! 

Plot: Avengers: Endgame is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Initial release: 3 May 2019 (USA)
Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Film series: The Avengers
Based on: The Avengers; by: Stan Lee; Jack Kirby
Screenplay: Stephen McFeely

Part of the Journey is the end! This trailer shows Iron man trapped and 4 days without food and water. Which was really sad to watch. 

50 percent of the entire population with one snap of his fat fingers. Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the whole Guardians of the Galaxy team all disappeared in a cloud. 

So, of course, I believe a new action trailer is on the way! We hope that this is now just assembling of Avengers after Starlord's biggest mistake to punch Thanos in the face while he was down.

Thanks to god he is not in the trailer! :D :D 

So much action is expected in this fourth installment of the 'Avengers' series.

Enjoy the trailer for now! 
More coming soon! 

NO VR in 2019: No one will tell you but VR has completely Failed its expectations!

"What is its goal? to show graphics in more reality? what it costs? Putting our eyes in danger and have 500gms of device tied to our head! is this novel deed"-PowerofNil

VR virtual reality announced few years ago then augmented reality came. These powers should have stayed back to use for research and study but marketing it and making its business too soon was their Enchantment which they could not resist my friends. A technology that was not perfect they got their success in selling it.

Now on the time of taking footsteps to 2019!
Let me warn you that do not waste into new electronics or technologies that come around in news. If they were perfect they would have came in larger scale and at lower price. VR did came in small prices and what does that show you? this is totally bad tech and B2B marketing done by the business people that is fooling the world for unformed technologies.

So dont let anyone fool you into buying anything that is 100% true technology.

Not VR then what?
New experiences to the eyes are necessary of course my friends! but not VR! Many have lost their site quality plus have got black burns due to VR in gaming and entertainment. It was total waste of time and the people who sell it they knew it but still they sold for profits.
Unless VR gets same in weight of a spectacle's then you can start using it. Unless it is safe do not go forward to using it.

And father of Google and microsoft in Tech research is Intel! So trust intel and they have already been making a spectacle that shows your mobile in small screen.

Intel will soon make it available for everyone.
It is very difficult to be not fooled. Hence this post :)


12-year-old girl Wrote Mama, I love you on palm before suicide, teacher blamed

The pressure of education and stress of responsibilities is given to a child of 12 years old???? Is this what human life have come to!!! We are the smartest species on earth and we have chosen to live life this way!!! Here the teacher is not responsible and not her parents also!! here we all humans are responsible!!! If we are too brave to educate kids in many things!! why not first educate in handling stress handling life's problems handling attention seeking! handling bullies!Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? RIP little girl!  

Dehli: “The girl committed suicide around 3 pm on December 1,” Additional deputy commissioner of police (west) Sameer Sharma said. The 12-year-old was found hanging in her room by her mother.

Her mother said she had been scolded by a teacher and she was upset. “We are looking into allegations by the mother,” the officer said.

“After my daughter’s death, her friend told me that she was very sad as two of her teachers had called her ‘characterless’ in front of the whole classroom”, the mother told news agency ANI.

Class 7 student allegedly committed suicide at her house in west Delhi’s Inderpuri on December 1, police said, adding that her mother had told them the girl was often rebuked by teachers at school.

God please give all of us a change that people will love their kids and will not harm their kids in any way.


Tech Secrets: Why is the letter “e” in the “Google” logo always tilted?

Tech Secrets: Why is the letter “e” in the “Google” logo always tilted?

Google said 
"Our new logotype is set in a custom, geometric sans-serif typeface and maintains the multi-colored playfulness and rotated ‘e’ of our previous mark—a reminder that we’ll always be a bit unconventional."
But god knows what a secret lies behind this giant company's logo. 

Many people tend to associate upwards-tilted 'e' with a smiling face (the most popular example for this would be the Heineken's 'e' which is rounded to appear more friendly and is tilted upwards to mimic a smiling face). So it is quite likely that Google arrived at this quirky logo in its quest for playfulness/unconventionality.

Also, Some believe that it is "Don't be evil" may be the most valuable thing Paul Buchheit made for Google, because it may turn out to be an elixir of corporate youth. I'm sure they find it constraining, but think how valuable it will be if it saves them from lapsing into the fatal laziness that afflicted Microsoft and IBM

In the same way Dell also has the e Tilted plus again yes it is a Giant. 

So this is artistic and some analysis provided data that tilted e in the logo can be creative and people might choose it over anything else. Colors dont get creative but tilted does. 

So make sure to stay tuned here for more tech giant's secrets.

Captain Marvel movie is full of crap and can be skipped!

"This might be the luxurious fall of action after the rangnarok movie and I dont think you all should face it"-Powerofnil

Captain Marvel gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.
Initial release: 8 March 2019 (USA)
Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Budget: 15.2 crores USD [Very less][Action in the movie will be less]
Music director: Pinar Toprak

Captain Marvel gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

Set in 1995, Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers, a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, as she turns into one of the galaxy's mightiest heroes and joins Starforce, an elite Kree military team, before returning home with new questions about her past and identity when the Earth is caught in the center of a galactic conflict between two alien worlds
Maybe similar to captain America first movie. So to see or not to see is actually the question. This does not look that much great movie through trailers but you can only watch it for little chapter reading.

So what do  you think about this one?

Reasons on why this is full of Crap?
-Low budget.
-Low possibility that it shows any avenger
-Low action thrills
-Captain america might come to guest appearance
-Very less Possibility of small cutscene of why Thorn came.

"This might be the luxurious fall of action after the rangnarok movie and I dont think you all should face it"

I believe this one can be skipped for a better relief for your wallet. So enjoy it by some other platform whenever it is available as you can see Avengers is long away at 2020.

So Enjoy my blog for more reality of the movie industry and real reviews.

iOS 12 Screen usage how to use usage screens and restrict kids usage screens coming soon

Tired of low battery life on I Phone? 
This means that your iPhone or iPad will remind you that you’ve used X app for two hours (or any other limit you set) per day and maybe it’s time to put the device down and return to the real world for a change. This feature is called Screen Time and it’s fairly easy to use.

Screen Time shows some detailed graphs on your iPhone or iPad usage. Go to Settings > Screen Timeand tap the big time text at the top. This will show you how much you’ve used your phone over the past day or week, and which apps have occupied most of your time. It also shows how many notifications you’ve received and which apps have sent the most, along with how many times you picked up your device.

This information is very useful if you are looking to reduce how much you use your iOS device, so follow these steps to effectively limit the time you spend on your iPhone or iPad.

Soon iOS will release these features with iOS 12 update and it is going to be better battery life for the customers of apple.

Stay tuned for more apple and other tech related news.

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All you need to know about Dwarfism!

So yes it is a decease. Humans being Dwarf can survive the same way as normal humans do. But this is about being short and its problems.

What gets affected in the body when dwarfism happens!

  • Bone growth
  • Growth plates change
  • Hands get usually small
  • bone growth and athletic ability is less

This decease is caused by hormonal problems and the hormone here is

growth hormone deficiency. 

Research by urologist Harry Fisch of the Male Reproductive Center at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital indicates that in humans this defect may be exclusively inherited from the father and becomes increasingly probable with paternal age: specifically males reproducing after 35. 

In childhood it can be detected! 

Dwarfism is often diagnosed in childhood on the basis of visible symptoms. A physical examination can usually suffice to diagnose certain types of dwarfism, but genetic testing and diagnostic imaging may be used to determine the exact condition. In a person's youth, growth charts that track height can be used to diagnose subtle forms of dwarfism that have no other striking physical characteristics. 

To prevent this please read this! 
Many types of dwarfism are currently impossible to prevent because they are genetically caused. Genetic conditions that cause dwarfism may be identified with genetic testing, by screening for the specific variations that result in the condition. However, due to the number of causes of dwarfism, it may be impossible to determine definitively if a child will be born with dwarfism.

Dwarfism resulting from malnutrition or a hormonal abnormality may be treated with an appropriate diet or hormonal therapy. Growth hormone deficiency may be remedied via injections of human growth hormone (HGH) during early life.

This is marketing guys SRK is king of salesman and he selling us this Dwarf concept now. 

Time to see another fun movie but decease is something that we should have a common knowledge about everything here. 

So Enjoy the movie and this short knowledge ride! 


P o w e r o f N i L

Chicken salad dish is fooling everyone? know how!

Chicken Salad Dish

Let me tell you the hidden secrets of this fake dish!
Who am I ?
Level - 9
Super foodie.

So when the healthy wave hit the world and people thought we should make a healthy dish they made a salad.

They made a veg salad first and it was healthy! But restaurant added mayo and various sauces in it and that made the salad so worst.

Currently, very few restaurants deliver great salads.

So Let me tell you whats fake in chicken salad!

  • Chicken salad will be less dressed with veg dressing because chicken is the main part of the salad. 
  • There will be mostly fewer pieces of chicken in the salad and your need to eat the proper chicken will stay unfulfilled. 
  • So to be so sure there will be fewer vegetables that actually matter and there will be less chicken which is demotivating. 
  • Mostly chicken will have a dressing that will be toxic and removing that from your body could take years of detox waters. 
  • There will be a lot of sauces added to the salad if it is chicken salad because it is supposed to be tasty to you but it will surely be missing a broccoli. 
So the bottom line is ordering a chicken salad is a bad idea. Ordering a chicken special dish in starters and then having veg salad is the best way to cover the chicken salad. 

Benefits of these are, 
  • You will get to choose a lot and have enough quantity of chicken when you order a starter. 
  • Plus ordering a veg salad never fails as it has all the vegetables you need. 
  • While loving the starters you can have little parts of veg salad and enjoy the meal together as a salad. This will be a great experience than a chicken salad trust me. 
  • Enough chicken proper eating of vegetable bingo! we have a winning idea! 

I hope you like my experience and follow my suggestion. 
Don't let restaurants fool you or you
fooling yourself by eating a chicken salad. 

Improve order a chicken special dish in starters and a veg salad. 

This will be costly but where to spend money than food and knowledge! :) 

P o w e r o f N i L 

How to choose a restaurant?

How to choose a better restaurant?

The worst part of our life is paying for a meal that we did not like!  So we need to make sure that we always choose the right restaurants and the right foods of course.

So When you go out this is what you should order for Indian meals on the side,

  1. Green salad 
  2. Fresh lime soda. 

These two are really important and will of course make sure that you digest properly everything and also your food will taste better while you have it. A little sugar syrup in the fresh lime soda will always lighten up your mood and will make you eat more. This is surely going to make you healthy guys and your stomach will be happy with whatever you eat because of this items. 
For next things to order from the menu make sure you follow these steps for choosing food, 

  1. Analyse the menu and search for main course first. 
  2. in the main avoid ordering anything that is thick gravy because that will be less and unhealthy due to heavy content of masalas. 
  3. So Enjoy your dinner will thin gravy and roti.
  4. Always go for butter roti as that always increase the taste and makes sure that you have a smooth and nice roti. 
  5. Normally tunduri Roti comes little burned. 
  6. So in case rumali roti is available go for that. 

So this was your help about choosing menu , So now the most important part is choosing the restaurant. 

Make sure you search these things before you enter restaurant. 

  1. Its online reviews are checked and in reviews make sure you check zomato and google review that always tells the truth about restaurant and extreme details. 
  2. Some restaurants are traps, my friends, they look better from the outside and will be always showcasing things and all but when you taste the food the food will be just normal nothing special. 
  3. So make sure you research the place and look at its ambience before you go. 
  4. In reviews you will find what the restaurant is actually famous for. Make sure that you order the very basic version of what the famous dish is. Because often restaurant have many verities that are bad and duplicate the famous dish. 
  5. So perform research, make sure you order the above two foods and then you are all ok to create a memorable experience with friends or best even alone.

So I hope this little article help you to find a better restaurant and even when bad what you should order! 

P o w e r o f n i l 
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