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7 Awesome things about KGF Movie | Super Star Yash

1) Story high level is good but in screen play they made it worst . In first half every 10min u will see fighting  which makes u adhere.anathnag sir voice makes plus here in narration. Another bad thing is lengthy. Dont know you they divided movie into two. Simply dragging childhood and grownup which is not required. Instead they made one complete movie with good screen play if they work on script some more time instead shooting long time. They are trying to copy bahubali fame.3/5.

2) Yash looks and acting is good . But full movie he show same angry expression which is not required.Here also buildup continued.i think only fans like it. Other audience will not.3/5

3) Music is okok. Here also asusual buildup songs . But wrt movie few songs are not necessary. Even tammana song picturization is worst.1/5

4) Heroine looks good. But no acting and other characters made good especially villans achutarao was amazing asusual.4/5

5) Camera work is very good in some scence and very bad in some place. Not able to visualize the scence properly in some scence. But good part is very good effort.3/5

6) Director done good job. But we can see some scence simmlar picture from Ugram effects.Even BG music too.Good effort but I think he may pressured later for Bollywood sequel from Btown ppl to change some script in movie. So he may gave up .. 4/5

7) Producer investment we can see through out the movie. good work. Marketing is done well. Need to be control on script before investing .They said it will release in 2000 screen but they end up with 1350 screens.4/5

movie review is 4/5


Zero Review: Failed at story narrating with copy of Sairat music

Zero. Shunya!

Technically nothing, but can scare you, twist your life around, and change it forever, when you start from the ground up - from nothing. This is the story of Bauua Singh (Shahrukh Khan), a chap who stands at 4 feet 8", and is practically defined by this vertical challenge. He sometimes blames his father for his "dirty habits" that landed him in this fate, and often curses the Universe for playing such a cruel joke on him, despite giving him everything else life could offer. He is extremely touchy, nasty, and mischievous too; and what he lacks by way of a manly build, he more than makes up for it through his confidence, unbelievable optimism and a dare-devil go-getter attitude.

So if he dreams of one day romancing Bollywood actress Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif) who is well, miles and miles out of his league, you needn't be shocked. He wants her, he will get to her. And so, by that token, if he is struck by Aafia (she is a scientist and has cerebral palsy and they meet via a matchmaker) - who gives him the time of the day to do some "munh dikhai" for shaadi byaah, but has enough gumption and self-respect to shake up his male ego and ignore him, well then, he must make a place for him in her heart. Yes I know, it sounds chauvinistic, and almost Playboy-ish types.

But that's exactly what Bauua does. He believes he has fallen in love with Aafia, and does she, and so we do...they flirt, kiss, sing a song or two, make love...until the D-day arrives and everything turns topsy-turvy, when Bauua positively chickens out and instead runs an event gracing Babita for the evening. Babita, on the other hand, entertains this funny, amusing man and keeps him by her side as a chaperone. As she learns to mend her broken heart and tires of Bauua’s unrealistic notions about his place in her life, and as Aafia continues to climb higher ladders of success, Bauaa falls deeper into the trench, Babita and he are made for each other.

But as is mentioned early on in the movie – rishta barabari walon ke saath hota hai.

Bauaa learns this the hard way, as he is thrown out of Babita’s life and high-profile circle. True to his nature, he doesn’t waste a minute in making a dash for Aafia and winning her back. Yes, this inconsistency in his affections makes you sick and disgusted, but Bauaa really does change into a man worthy in his own eyes in the latter half of the movie. Only an actor like SRK could have essayed the conflicting shades of this character. There is so much to pick in Bauaa, and yet, that optimism and brave heart of his are what make him likable. A lot of people will say Khan has done all of this before.

I disagree though. He has never before played a dwarf (in fact, no Bollywood actor has) AND still romanced a qualified scientist way out of his league. SRK makes this character charming and someone you empathize with, at least towards the end. This movie proves why he will always remain the undisputed King of Romance. Anushka Sharma as Aafia plays the role with restraint, consistency and depth. A lot could have gone wrong with portraying cerebral palsy, but she makes it empowering rather than something to feel sorry for, which is the way it should be.

Katrina Kaif TOO acted decently in this movie, for once, after long!! Now we know she can do more than just dance on item songs. Don’t try and go looking for logic. You will find none, at many, many junctures in the film. For instance, Bauaa’s magical ability of making stars fall off from the sky. And of course,  Bauaa lounging around the space center like it's his personal rec room.

Zero technically alludes to Bauaa’s tryst at the space research center (am not saying more, you got to watch it to believe it). But for me, Zero is about starting from nothing, and taking off on the faith that it will will work out. Zero is about Bauaa Singh, a chap who transformed from a “Small Man with a Big Ego” to a Hero. To a star of his own life. And finally, worthy of seeing himself in the mirror and not cursing the Universe. - Vanessa Zen

This deserves 3/5 rating and just become another movie in the list of failures of SRK. Copy of Sairat music makes this wonderful to watch in songs but still, it feels copy of the copy of a copy! now Ajay Atul should stop remaking the same music of Sairat again and again!


K.G.F: Chapter 1, Reviews: Fusion of History and Action

Story: A period drama narrates the 17000-year-old history of oppressed waging wars against their oppressors. Set in the early 80s, KGF - the first chapter centers the protagonist who leads a battle against oppressors.

Release date: 21 December 2018 (India)Director: Prashanth NeelProducer: Vijay KirgandurMusic director: Ravi Basrur, Tanishk BagchiLanguages: Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

KGF is a milestone not only in Sandalwood Movies Kannada film industry but for the entire film fraternity..It's a fitting reply by Kannada film lovers to the hate mongers..entire world film will now follow sandalwood and works by Kannadigas..Hats off to Prashant Neel sir and team for crafting a very good movie.. Making Kannadigas and lovers of Kannada films proud..the film is a periodic film starting off from Karnataka to Mumbai and coming back to shows the rise of a man for fulfilling his mother's wish to become a rich and powerful man..its an action-packed movie with each actor doing his best...right from children to senior actors who have acted in this movie have given their best..the film begins on a case being closed related to the man of KGF.

The news reporters start to discuss the history of KGF through a book written by writer Anand who starts to narrate of a day in 1951 where two incidents happen one is the birth of hero and other how people get gold in kgf..the hero comes to Mumbai from Karnataka as a child to become one of the underworld dons in Mumbai who will be eager to become a powerful man and rich ..he gets assigned to kill a person who is ruling also shows how he comes to Bangalore meets the heroine Nidhi Shetty in Bangalore and hatches a trap to kill the man ruling KGF but fails though a few might feel the first half is a bit slow but the death traps and action scenes keep them intriguing.

Second half is a master class which begins with a roar and shows how hero comes to the gold mines and the slavery of people in KGF and hero helping the people to come out if slavery..saavira Jana nin hinde idaare antha ankond ninge dhairya idre ond yuddha gelbahudu aadare neen munde idiya antha saavira janakke dhairya bandre prapanchane gelbahudu..this dialogue paves the way how hero rises to kill the don of KGF through his mastery..the climax scene is one of my favourite in the movie it's simply superb...second half shows how difficult it was for the team to shoot in the location..

yeh Mumbai Teri baap ki hai Kya nahi re tera baap ki aur tera baap mein Hun..

This dialogue is said by actor Yash in film but we kannadigas can tell proudly to others.

We cannot point one or two actors to have acted well as the entire crew have done a very good job as even the villains have done a good job right from scene 1..most of the actors are new and bringing out the best from each one says a lot of the director.. cinematography is one of the best work done till this day in film industry a great work done Bhuvan Gowda and and the timely songs keeps the audience at the edge of seat and thanks to Ravi basrur for that handsome job..Yash has become the new superstar of Indian film industry and in this movie his acting is best till date unlike his other movies where his mass dialects take attention..hombale films have provided full support to the team to bring out the best by funding good amount as each frame looks great and rich (it is no less than a Hollywood movie).artwork is also good as each dots in the movie is stitched well and gone to depth with screenplay...if you think you are bad am your dad ..gang jothe barano gangster obbane baronu monster.. and Yash and the team of KGF have shown they are monsters.

Salaam Rocky Bhai and kudos to the teamwork as no one gets disappointed after watching the movie..Do not support piracy and don't listen the loose talks on the movie as many would try to bring down sandalwood due to their envy..many people have already said good words on the movie and the support good movies and watch movie in theater as it is an experience and feel good factor..congrats Prashant Neel and team as director is the captain of sure KGF LL bag many awards in the coming wishes LL always be there to sandalwood and fresh filmmakers who are bringing new things and fresh ideas to the industry..KGF will sure cross 300 days ..

Deserves 4/5 rating for sure to the amazing Star Yash who rises from the bottom of the society to a Super Star level! 


Simmba Movie PRE-Review: Biggest Failure for Ranbir

Just like Govinda movies Ranveer Singh has come up with a movie like Singam with the Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty. I saw many cars in the trailer and Ajay Devgan himself and I am still wondering what's happening that Ranveer is considered as a Child actor of the Bollywood. He has given many films which are bigger than the movies Rohit and Ajay. 

Wonder what this turns out to be until the trailer came! The trailer showed so many wrong things to me and now I am sure why this is a failure for Ranbir. 

Simmba is an orphan from Shivgadh from where our beloved Singham was born and raised. Contrary to the philosophies of Singham, Simmba believes that a Corrupt Officer's life is an ideal life which inspires him to become one. While Simba enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical Police Officer, a twist in the tale transforms him and forces him to choose the righteous path.

Release date: 28 December 2018 (India)
Director: Rohit Shetty
Production company: Dharma Productions
Music director: Badshah, S. Thaman, Tanishk Bagchi, Arjuna Harjai, Amar Mohile
Producers: Rohit Shetty, Karan Johar

Wrong things about the movie: 

  • Tons of police officer movies delivered already. 
  • Action is not up to the mark. 
  • old songs that got hit were chosen so that people will think this is a good movie. 
  • Songs followups shows Golmaal 5 coming soon. is this movie made for that? 
  • Movie seems to be a story already known by everyone. 
  • Ajay enters the plot at the end of the trailer: to eat all the charisma of the Ranveer. 

Being the story already known I am wondering how this will be a hit! 

Every massy action film has fallen on the Bollywood Box Office. [Remember R...Rajkumar]

More of the movie will be coming out soon and in the first review only you will be able to see this is just a handshake of Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty and nothing else! 


5G Phones: All updates & Tech companies behind it!

No company is better to make 5G phones than OnePlus- Qualcomm

Said by Qualcomm in their press conference here:

Image Credit:

So with this upsetting sentence, Qualcomm has proved that OnePlus is giving best performance phones in the industry and completely have ignored the Pixel, Samsung and many more Tech companies that many believe to be better than One Plus. 

So 5G phone! What is it? 

5G means 5GBPS and it will bring a lot to process power for apps and through the net speed capabilities cloud possibilities will increase and we will be able to do a lot of stuff in it. 
Imagine that you will be able to apply machine learning to a video and create a video game out of it without coding! That much AI and machine learning processing power will be provided in the 5G phone! 

5G phones will bring a set of creative possibilities to the people of this world! 

  • AI 
  • Cloud Edge Computing 
  • MultiCamera Support
  • Massive loT
  • Low Latency
  • Mission Critical process management
  • Split asset deployment for coding and creating apps in the phone
  • Ultrasonic sensors 
  • More improved and intelligent Voice Assistants
  • Applications possibilities to AI and machine learning opened

For a 5G phone, a lot of things are needed and integration is needed Qualcomm has said that their chip and phone processor is the only thing needed for 5G Tech. Their 5G chip is going to make it easier for the companies to make the 5G phone. 

For 4G phone a lot of things are needed than the 5G. 

4G = Baseband + Transreciever + RF Front End + Antennas

5G= Qualcomm 5G chip + X50 Modem

Qualcomm 5G chip will combine the powers of Baseband and Transreciever. Plus the X50 Modem will have the capabilities to run in 5GBPS. 

5G Global Mobile Partners are listed by Qualcomm: 

  • AT&T
  • BTworld
  • Chinese network
  • Japanese Network
  • Kodi
  • 8
  • LG U+
  • Kt
  • Amazon Network
  • Sprint
  • SK Telecom
  • Vodaphone
  • Tim
  • Verizon
  • Telstra

Plus Original Equipment manufacturers are here: 

  • ASUS
  • HMD
  • HTC
  • INseego
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Netcomm
  • Oneplus
  • OPPO
  • Sony
  • Sharp
  • Sierra
  • VIVO
  • WNC
  • MI
  • ZTE

When will 5G Start? 

The 5G rollout will begin with the Global 5G rollout in the US, Korea, Europe, China, Japan, Australia with more than 20 Manufacturers and 20 global network choices. 

These 5G details were showcased in the Summit by Qualcomm where they launched SnapDragon 855. Snapdragon phone will be launched soon and of course the first Snapdragon phone will be launched by the OnePlus company. 

Soon 5G Phones with the latest power of Snapdragon will start rolling out. Now the possibilities have opened that videos will also be able to have the object in focus and background blurs and 3D fingerprint reader will be coming soon. 

What can you think of with 5G? 


Samsung Galaxy Fold: Full Specs and price Revealed!

Rumor price: 1800$
Display Touch module alone costs: 218$

LG and Samsung have now been gonna enter this research zone and are prepared to make an entry of Foldable screen smartphones into the market. Their target looks that they want to sell 3.5 millions of Foldable smartphones by 2020 according to the concerts of LG and Samsung.

Samsung and LG are considered the best of the display tech companies and even the screen I am writing this blog on is also of the Samsung. No one is better in creating displays than LG and Samsung. So foldable screen was expected from them only. The screen and research are patented to Samsung and soon Samsung Galaxy F or Fold will enter to market with huge or relatable One Plus 6 price.

1800$ bill is there for the making and more to come in that after it distributes. With the latest modifications and polishing this might become 2000$ phone. But let's hope for the best and have this price around 700$ with the best specs.

This is also rumored to come with two prices and specs names F Plus and F.

The Galaxy Fold is expected to be announced next February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Foldable smark phone will have two displays with this new Tech one when folded and one bigger when unfolded. The folded and unfolded will be giving the same functionality. It's like how we switch from mobile to Tab for some reasons. But with this, we will just unfold mobile to convert it to a large screen. 

There are concerns that how you will handle this in a rough pocket or pocket with keys. How are long-term bad side effects on the folding screens? How normal damages to the screen will affect the phone. 
Samsung is well capable of resolving these issues and make peace with the folding screen. Also, news and Samsung have been intended that this is research and with Samsung, it is not a history that they launch unformed Tech. 

Soon in Feb, all will have new Tech now. 


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review: Fresh, funny and Stan Lee's Cameo makes this best Spider-man Film

Stan Lee's Cameo in this movie will warm your heart! 

Bitten by a radioactive spider in the subway, Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales suddenly develops mysterious powers that transform him into the one and only Spider-Man. When he meets Peter Parker, he soon realizes that there are many others who share his special, high-flying talents. Miles must now use his newfound skills to battle the evil Kingpin, a hulking madman who can open portals to other universes and pull different versions of Spider-Man into our world.

Release date: 14 December 2018 (India)
Directors: Peter Ramsey, Robert Persichetti Jr., Rodney Rothman
Budget: 9 crores USD
Production companies: Marvel Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Marvel Animation
Producers: Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Avi Arad, Amy Pascal, Christina Steinberg

Critic Review: 

Fresh, funny and frequently bonkers, Into The Spider-Verse is an astonishing shot of cinematic superhero adrenaline. For such an over-familiar character, somehow, this feels original and entirely new.-Empire

This rousingly entertaining superhero adventure is everything a great family movie should be: laugh-out-loud funny, filled with teachable moments, and appealing to parents and kids of all ages.- Common Sense Media

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse delivers a funny, heartwarming and fresh superhero origin story with gorgeously executed comic-style animation- Screen Rant

Audience Review: 

Well in The Spidey Films been used to Peter Parker for quite some time....probably since the first Sam Raimi film. We Love Peter Parker and his reliability to the reader or viewer but now after many years after Watching Spiderman into the Spiderverse I can say Miles Morales is the best and more so the Most Down to earth and relatable Hero ever. Miles is almost the same as Peter but has to deal with almost the same problems as peter....but the main focus here is the banter Between Miles and his Dad. This Version of Spiderman has Daddy issues and was so relatable. The Film as shows Different versions of Spidermen from different universes all with great character development.The most Flushed out was a 40-year-old Jadded Peter parker which is the version which u may never imagine spiderman to be. This Move is loaded with Surprises and amazing character reveals. The Villan Kingpin was Menacing and dreaded and had clear motivations for the evil things he was doing. Another villain the prowler was scary every time he was on screen. The Movie even though is Pg13 doesn't hold back and few scenes do get eyes to shut and tear up. This movie is a comic book come to life with its different and unique look which takes a little time to adjust as frame rates keep changing. Overall this, in my Opinion, is the best Spiderman movie since Spiderman 2 (2004) and far better than Spiderman Homecoming(2017) and Had one of the best and meaning full Stan Lee cameos. This Movie is everything 
I wanted from a Spiderman movie...or Everything I wanted from a Comic book movie. It is certainly one of the best Movies of the year and is the best comic book movie of the year and....the Best Animated Movie of the year as well. 

Spiderman Into the Spiderverse - Prajwal Rajendra

This is the best spiderman movie ever seen. The entire movie can be described as an instant classic. The characters actually have depth and the action scenes are actually bone chilling especially the fight in Aunt May's house. What makes this movie so special is that it equally focuses on each and every spiderman shown in the movie and executes their character arcs very well. This movie proves that people don't see a spiderman movie just for the action, we see it for the heart and soul of the movie and how good they can understand who and what spiderman is in my opinion. Miles Morales isn't the main character. I believe the main character is the entire spider-verse. This movie focuses on the fact that everyone can wear the mask because we all aspire to become Spiderman. Even if he gets pounded over and over and over again, he gets right back up. Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse gets a 10/10 for me. In conclusion, this movie is spectacular. Every character comes off as relatable and understandable and shows that what makes you different, is what makes you Spiderman. - Nolan

Overall this movie is an Animation movie and like all the Animation movies this is funny and wins your heart with proper drama action and fun moments. 

The only thing I will say to you guys is that music to this movie is awesome and for that, you should definitely watch this movie! 


Ben Is Back Movie Review: Mother Fighting to Son's Drug Addiction

Ben Is Back Movie view: A Mother Fighting to Son's Drug Addiction

Release date: 14 December 2018 (India)
Director: Peter Hedges
Box office: 80,972 USD
Screenplay: Peter Hedges

Producers: Peter Hedges, Nina Jacobson, Teddy Schwarzman, Bradford Simpson

Nineteen-year-old Ben Burns unexpectedly returns to his family's suburban home on Christmas Eve. Ben's mom, Holly, is relieved and welcoming but wary of her son's drug addiction. Over a turbulent 24 hours, new truths are revealed, and a mother's undying love gets put to the test as Holly does everything in her power to keep Ben clean.

Holly does everything in her power to keep Ben clean. 

Who can doubt mothers Power? Watching this movie will be surely a great idea that how the mother will act for her son and what limits a mother will go to! 

Critic Reviews: 

Ben Is Back makes you dream of a world in which no one needs movies like Ben Is Back. -vulture news

Julia Roberts performance is a complex and winning one, even if Holly is not entirely believable character.-Washington Post

Ben Is Back, a family addiction drama written and directed by Peter Hedges, sustains and intensifies a clammy, anxious feeling.-NY TIMES

Audience Reviews: 
Roberts gives one of the most powerful performances of her career as a devoted mother, opposite the equally excellent Hedges, in this emotional addiction drama.-Common Sense Media

Buoyed by the affecting performances from Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges, Ben Back makes for a compelling (though uneven) exploration of addiction.-Screen Rant

Ben Is Back clearly exclaims that addiction singes everything and everyone in an addict's orbit.-Pluggedin

For its first hour or so, “Ben is Back,” starring Julia Roberts, is a compelling and intelligent study of how drug addiction affects a family. Lucas Hedges plays Ben, who has signed himself out of rehab to be with his mother (Roberts), stepfather (Courtney B. Vance), and siblings for Christmas. His reappearance, unannounced and unauthorized, is not welcomed; despite his protestations to the contrary, they fear he will relapse at any moment.

Roberts, in her “serious” performances, is often a tad too stiff and monochromic, but she works well here with Hedges, who knows how to be volatile without chewing the scenery. They are quite believable as mother and son. (Hedges’s father, Peter Hedges, is the writer-director.) The film falls apart in the end, alas, as the story spins into druggie melodramatics. Grade: B- (Rated R for language throughout and some drug use.)  - The Science Monitor

Overall The movie is about the struggle to quit the addiction. The second biggest enemy of a human's mind is Addiction [Compassion/Moh(Indian word)]. We need to get compassion out of our mind in order to get peace and focus on important things. 

But it is very hard to get out of addiction! Hence this movie is a Must watch and nothing will bring a good end to your weekend than watching good mothers love in the movie! 


Aquaman review: Becomes best DC Film Ever!

Once home to the most advanced civilization on Earth, the city of Atlantis is now an underwater kingdom ruled by the power-hungry King Orm. With a vast army at his disposal, Orm plans to conquer the remaining oceanic people -- and then the surface world. Standing in his way is Aquaman, Orm's half-human, half-Atlantean brother and true heir to the throne. With help from royal counselor Vulko, Aquaman must retrieve the legendary Trident of Atlan and embrace his destiny as protector of the deep.

Initial release: 14 December 2018 (United Kingdom)
Director: James Wan
Music director: Rupert Gregson-Williams
Production companies: Warner Bros., DC Entertainment Inc, Cruel and Unusual Films, DC Films, The Safran Company

Producers: Peter Safran, Rob Cowan

Critic Review: 

This is an Aquaman film that needs lots more Aquaman and vastly less bombast. It’s visually wild and recklessly inventive, but the cast deserves better than to be cast adrift in a tempest of CGI. - Empire News

Jason Mamoa, combined with some insane action setpieces, make for convincing reasons to watch ‘Aquaman’-TOI news

It doesn't suck, but only if you're willing to sit through two hours of waterlogged world-building before the movie finally takes off- Variety News

Audience reviews: 

DC need to reboot the entire DC universe in my humble opinion as a lover of the world of DC since a kid who learned to read, write and speak through the medium of comics. Aquaman is a great example of a movie leading with special effects that are so sensational in their cartoonish execution as to lose all sense of realism, in the sense that none of it looks convincing, like the wooden acting, the CGI is synthetic, instead of endeavoring to copy Marvel's winning M.O, DC need to originate its own original take of a comic book universe that has become boring.

Audiences need to be able to relate to characters in some kind of way, even if they're archetypes, the problem with Aquaman is that there's no sense of threat, he's like Superman but the undersea version. The movie like so many others nowadays is driven by CGI, story, characters, and plot but a mere afterthought as if to justify this bloated, overlong, 'indefinite deal of nothing' being made in the first place, its budget could probably feed a starving nation for the next couple of sentences, so I don't think its too much to ask for at least a half decent movie, especially after the travesties like Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman and Wonder Woman was okay but blew a major opportunity to ground the DC universe in at least one decent story.

I was so excited to Aquaman, the comparisons to Thor did Not put me off, the First Thor movie was great fun, the second was drivel, the third was exhilarating as was Civil War which I loved, anyway I digress, Warner Bros needs to do what DC do when they relaunch their entire line of comics when they realize their current direction is alienating the very fans they're looking to get into the movie theatres in the first place.

I also loved Star Trek Beyond(although the motorbike crescendo climax was weak) so had high expectations ref James Wan, he's a master of epic action sequences but after a while, one becomes desensitized to spectacle and just wants a good old fashioned yard that does not ramble on like a feel-good acid trip that goes bad right from the starting gate.

Jason Momoa is the best thing, in fact, the movie should have been a character study of him, in the style of Chris Nolan but with the beautiful world that James Wan's special effects team conjured up(no pun intended).

Having written the latter, (I haven't summarised the plot because there isn't one), I'd still suggest You go and see because some of the visuals on display are batshit crazy in a good but extremely cartoonist way.

Warner Bros needs to start hiring people who have the same love for their heroes/heroines as Marvel does for theirs!

that is an insult to Us geeks who grew up on this stuff - Mathew H

I never enjoyed anything directed by James Wan. Perhaps he is not good at making things better on the "Surface " but Aquaman is indeed a fabulous fairytale. 
It is undoubtedly Mr. Wan's best. 
When a lighthouse keeper finds the wounded Queen of Atlantis, the fairytale begins. They share a tea and end up later in bed. Their son Arthur is special. In fact very special and You see it when a school of fish back him up when young Arthur was being bullied by three guys. He grows up with his father. Where has his mother gone? Find it by yourself. 51-year-old Kidman is incredible as Atlanta. She is fast, sharp and super fit to do even the fight scenes convincingly. Amber Heard plays the red-haired Mera and she looks gorgeous. There is a rooftop chase in Italy in the movie, which is mind-blowing as Amber leaps from one roof to another breaking walls and roofs of a hundred houses. 
But the heart of the movie rests in it's Hero, the true King, The Aquaman, the protector of the deep. Jason Momoa is absolutely genuine. I cannot imagine anyone else as Aquaman. He has that great physique, a charm and an outstanding energy to steal your heart and you would definitely feel rooted for him. 
James Wan has created stunning fairytale moments under the sea in this movie. The colors and creatures, the fish and fights, the war and their wrath... everything underwater is stupendous. But the best thing I felt was the way how the dialogues being dubbed differently underwater and on the surface. 
It's one of the best superhero movies. It has nothing that you cannot predict, it does not have twists and turns and still, it just doesn't bore you.
Watch it, you wouldn't regret. I had fun and I'm sure you will surely have it too.

Going with three and a half stars for Momoa and his Aquaman. - Midhun

This movie has great action setpieces but still, sometimes it does feel that the movie is not ending. The action is the only thing that will keep you at the edge of your seat.


Two types: Photo mode with great graphics and photo mode with bad graphics!

Some three-dimensional games include a photo mode to enable its players to fine-tune the screenshots they take of it.
Textures and many assets of the game take a lot  of time to polish and in the end when the product is about to publish it is observed that the polishing differs from device to device and graphics takes a lot of time to come to 30FPS including its motion blur, damage, dirt on vehicle, vehicle sunlight reflecting and all kinds of rendering.

With this considered now, games are having photo mode and some YouTubers are just taking the benefit of the photo mode to entertain the users with special videos. All those videos do get appreciated by some audience but not that much.

What is photo mode?
Photo mode is where the game developers were used to control the game's angles and graphics quality and in this way they used to just travel in the game using special positions on the assets code's.
This feature's videos were always very much enjoyed when dev showcased it in the trailers. But now due to some strategies this feature is now in the hands of the gamers to enjoy and create fun.

God of war 2018 is considered the best photo mode game!
This is one example of photo mode with great graphics. There are many examples of photo mode with bad graphics and it is really a good deed if I dont name them here. but I am sure in the comments of this post you will be able to comment the bad photo mode games.

Now to the point!
What to do with photo mode and how much longer it will continue?
This feature is gonna take a lot of time wasting because many developers are going to be invested in this but actually photo mode is going to be a feature just twerked by the YouTubers and not actual gamers.
An actual gamer may not enjoy such angles and showcasing his/her gameplay to anyone. the actual gamer is dying. Many people are playing because of earning money from games.

A good photo mode game is the game which lets you scroll around the scene, control your aperture and depth of field, add filters, adjust exposure, add borders, and even tweak your characters' facial expressions.
So currently there are not many games for this. But God of war and Watch dogs 2 are some of the best games for photo mode.

If photo mode is there in the game then a focus is given to that feature and it might hamper your gameplay too. So buy games without photo mode in it a suggestion but if you want photo mode then make sure you review the photo mode somewhere on console and then only buy the game.

The most hurtful feeling is waste of money on games that are not worth it!
Hence this article!

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Scared from PUBG Steam Announces Counter Strike is now Free to play Forever!

19 Years ago Steams Counter-Strike launched and now its latest version is made free to play.
Steam the biggest baddest gaming network that no one can fall has announced that CS:GO is now free!!! This makes some gamers angry now as they have purchased the game that is now FREE.

But this is still a relief for many as CS:GO is there favorite and they need to play but do not want to purchase it. TF2 is again the steam game that is played by many. Now TF2 will have a competition due to CS:GO being FREE.

New players are now heading over to this awesome game and will be starting their journey to win over the items and cards plus the crates. For the Free member of the community will surely get fewer drops and weapons than the actual purchased people.

So what's new for CSGO?
PRIME Status upgrade

With this player with Prime Status are matched with other Prime Status players and are eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

So with this, there will be a lot of difference than free players and PRIME players. So people who have purchased the game do not get any privilege in the game and it will be now free to play game that will consider the purchased people as Free members.

So with prime, the matchmaking will be made with prime people and the competitive match might become prime vs free members. Well, this will be awesome to watch ain't it?

This game has the most active players count and no other game is able to reach this milestone they have created. But when PUBG arrived everything changed. 

PUBG currently has the most active players and none can match its level due to being mobile and PC combined.
Its game design has made addiction to many and people are stuck being in that world searching for items and achieving its high status.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

This game has made a trend and fearing to this games activity the steam's decision sounds right and they have made this announcement. Steam must have observed the CS:GO players leaving and transitioning to PUBG for fun. This must have been hard to watch and now that PUBG is successful steam is trying to take away the trend to them with this news.

CS:GO active players decreased to low levels from the days PUBG became a trend.

It will be great to see what PUBG will do next and becomes worlds best game for Massive Multiplayer.
So if you love CSGO head over to steam and join with the world with a Gun.

Stay tuned for more.

Microsoft is afraid of Apple due to upcoming low priced MACBOOK for everyone

iPad from the moment it is launched it is showing games and painting related apps plus drawing related apps. When it arrived many devs only created games on it for kids. 

I have gone to many retail stores and I have seen that kids go to iPad and play catch fish in the pond game. Even cats also play the same thing in it. This is clearly a mistake Apple did. 
how ? read this! 
Apple wanted to give customers a bigger screen but for what? They actually wanted to make a big screen so that it eventually replaces books, photo albums. But they did not focus in that direction. They added a lot of things in it which made it unstable and confusing tech. The apps were there for the iPad which could help draw but why would Civil industry get to iPad for creating building and structures again it had a pen to draw but why would painters draw on iPad or even game developers draw textures on iPad. 

We have bigger software and systems than iPad to draw and create. 

So clearly this was only purchased by people who are interested in entertainment on a big screen and some normal use daily on iPad. 

So in some recent tweets and ads provided for the upcoming Christmas sales MS have given intentions that iPad is for kids and it is kids toy! 

MS is right and yes they must be having a bigger analysis to support that. Ever since iPad has arrived it is kids favorite because it becomes kids personal TV that they can control and play. 

Hence this 2019 forward Tech industry believes Apple will not be creating iPad's anymore but will be focusing on the MacOS and Mac price to get down. Currently, Mac PC price is very high for everyone in the world and this is a big problem that Apple should take care in the coming future. 

It is apples big decision and a decision that is taking them to loss that Mac PC needs to be higher priced. Instead of iPAD, MAC PC will be a surely bigger and better idea for everyone. 

Because MAC has following features, 

  1. Greater processing speed.
  2. Support many good software.
  3. Itunes apps are gold for this one. 
  4. Video editing is superb
  5. RAM handling is superb.
  6. Software feel awesome on it due to no lag. 
  7. iOS powered so software available for it have higher quality. 
  8. Creativity rises with just owning such high powered device 
  9. Many business people have MACOS laptops due to greate power management of the battery. 
  10. Secure! nothing can hack you! no website can get a cookie to your computer. 

MS is afraid that if MACBOOK comes for a lower price then windows will have the biggest fall in the tech industry because Game developers video editors and Civil industry all will fall into MACBOOK. 

Plus MS has already lost the Video editing industry as currently Hollywood movies and almost all movies are processed on software on MACOS for better speed of processing speed. The actual movies processing is high and windows PC will die in a second for files of 2000GB's.

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Wiz Phone for 7$ by Google

The WizPhone WP006 runs KaiOS like the JioPhone and JioPhone 2The Google feature phone also supports WhatsAppThe WizPhone WP006 has been priced at IDR 99,000 (approx Rs 490)[7$]

This is not exactly by Google but sponsored by Google and Wizphone is actually an Indonesian Tech Giant. In more news, it has been said to be a competitor of JIO phone 2 but I don't see why Google would care about JIO clearly Jio is a lot smaller market and this phone is made for the world, not just India. 

In India, we have Jio network plus its phones. Jio network is very bad and except voice calls, I don't see any good in using it. it gives free movies to watch and free in a lot of departments digitally but all is waste as according to range the speed varies and speed is always 300 kb/ps. 

Wizphone is a budget phone and to make it interesting the KaiOS is featured to have WhatsApp in it. I hope it works properly on this phone because of WhatsApp actually needs a lot of space and this phone is not going to have that much space. Working of Whatsapp may be limited and this will be the new KaiOS version that WhatsApp must be connecting to Google services. 

Google services API must be provided in KaiOS in order to work the Whatsapp. But it is rumored that it could be a standalone application which might never have an update. 

One more thought that comes to mind that this will be a 4g phone? 3G internet is not cheap and 2g is out of the question! so will this phone be able to get good internet connection. This is rumored to not have the WIFI. But yes this is rumored to have 4G. But how can anyone purchase 4G services and use it in this small phone! 

A lot of questions comes to mind about this one but this is clearly something which is necessary and will be used by everyone as we need extra phone for many things. 

Are you ready for the budget phone from Google! 

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